Could the HoloLens be Microsoft’s iMoment?



Back at the turn of the century, Apple had already reclaimed a bit of momentum with the release of the iMac following the return of Steve Jobs. But his announcement of the iPod in October 2001 really marked the birth of the Apple we know today, at least cinematically. The Jobs movie of 2013 opens with Ashton Kutcher unveiling the music device.

There are parallels between the iPod and HoloLens. Both represented a tight integration of hardware and software and both come in market categories where there were early signs of interest but no strong mass market adoption. And both represented fairly radical departures for their companies into the unknown.

Minecraft in HoloLens. Minecraft in HoloLens.

But there are also fundamental differences between the Apple that Jobs returned to and the Microsoft that Satya Nadella inherited a year ago. For one, despite the blows that Microsoft has taken, its overall financial health has…

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