Are Daydreams Your Most Powerful Tool?


Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming? Maybe you were supposed to be paying attention to a professor or maybe you slit your finger chopping onions, your head was in a whole different dimension. Daydreaming is often seen as a bad thing, people will most likely scold you for not paying attention to them or not doing something that you were supposed to do. But without daydreaming, the world would not be what it is today.

A perfect example of how daydreaming has changed the world are inventions. There have been countless inventions that were thought up by wandering minds. George de Mestral noticed seed hooks sticking to his clothes and his dog’s fur after a hike in 1948 and came up with the idea for Velcro. Robert Goddard, the father of modern space rocketry, had a very Einsteinesque daydream as a child about a vehicle flying to Mars. Your mind is like an empty canvas and your personal ideas and ambitions are the paint that you use to create your goals and dreams.

Daydreaming can also improve your memory. The brain stores all of its memories in the same area, so when you daydream about things that happened in the past you are strengthening the connections that lead to those memory banks. Daydreaming can also exercise your brain during down time, which keeps it healthy and energetic. One more way daydreaming helps your brain is the way that it forces it to organize your thoughts. While your mind is wandering your brain is organizing your thoughts into the folders that they belong in, it is a way of prioritizing for your mind. So all those times you were pondering about what you wanted to eat for dinner while you were supposed to be listening in that meeting lets your brain now exactly where to put that thought.

Last but probably the most beneficial way daydreaming is good for you is the way that it lets you know what your goals are. Those things you think of when you’re daydreaming are not random, they are little subtle cues from your sub consciences. Have you been thinking about a certain subject for the past month, and no matter what you are doing it creeps its way back into your mind? Or maybe there’s  that one skill you always wanted to master? Daydreaming lets us know the goals in our life’s that we truly wish to accomplish. With your goals in mind and a little motivation nothing can stop you from achieving everything that you wish to accomplish.

So if you have had a goal or idea in the back of your mind that just keeps bugging you every waking moment, maybe it’s time to listen to your daydreams and take the first step. Every great idea started out as just that, an idea. Be it while working on your thesis or watching the grass grow, an idea is the start of something that can potentially be great. And all it takes is a little daydreaming.

What is the greatest idea that you have daydreamed? 

Happy Discovery 


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