A living beetle in more detail than you have ever seen one before


Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

Take a look at this video. It’s a scanning electron microscope (SEM) study of a beetle. Nothing amazing there, except you’ll soon notice that the beetle is ALIVE. This is quite astonishing, because SEM is done in a vacuum and involves completely dehydrating the sample and then covering it with a conductive metal (often gold). None of that here.

This tour de force is the work of a group of Japanese researchers, and it has just been published online in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (£££, sadly).

In fact, I can’t read the article, even with my Uni password, VPN and the rest. So I can’t tell you anything about the beetle in question (can any reader ID it?), how long it survived, whether the process is lethal or not, or indeed anything more than what’s given in the abstract:

Although extremely useful for a wide range…

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