Are Your Kids Drawings Linked to Their Later Intelligence?


Your children’s drawings aren’t just for refrigerator decoration anymore, a study shows that there might be some association with your kids intelligence and their ability to draw a picture of a child.

This test was drawn up in the 1920’s and it was used to find out if a child’s ability to draw a picture of a child had any correlation with their intelligence. Researchers asked over seven thousand pairs of identical and fraternal twins to draw them pictures of children. They then rated the drawings on a scale from one to twelve.

  Some examples of the childrens drawings.

What researchers found was that yes, a child’s ability to draw a human like figure ( one with all the appendages, facial features etc.) was related to their level of intelligence. But that wasn’t surprising, what was surprising was that when they came back to the same children a decade later. It seems that the children who had high scores on their drawings when they were four scored higher on intelligence tests when they were fourteen.  They also found that the drawings from identical twins were more similar to one another than the none identical sets of twins, which suggests that the link between drawing and intelligence later in life could be influenced by genes.

The lead author  of the paper Dr Rosalind Arden says, ” The correlation is moderate, so our findings are interesting, but it does not mean that parents should worry if their child draws badly. Drawing ability does not determine intelligence, there are countless factors, both genetic and environmental, which affect intelligence in later life.”

So don’t go running little Timmy to art classes to try and help his grades, drawing ability comes from many different aspects both natural and environmental. Just because his drawing symbolizes more of an elephant than a human doesn’t mean that he won’t ever be as intelligent as the other children. We all get there at some point, for others it just takes a little longer.

If you want to check out more studies involving children’s intelligence take a look at these videos:

 Click Here!

In this video children solve conservation tasks that include: number, length, liquid, mass, and area.

And Click Here! 

In this test, several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow in hopes of a bigger prize.

What kind of drawings did you create when you were a child? 

Happy Discovery 


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