Outfit so last year? Compost it



Making messenger bags and wallets out of upcycled truck tarps wasn’t green enough for the Swiss company Freitag. Sure, those products are giving plastic a second life, but it’s still plastic, which means it could still end up in a landfill … or an ocean. With Freitag’s newest project, F-ABRIC, you can wear a cute outfit, wear it out, and then — just like the planet-loving fashionista you are — throw it in your backyard compost heap, where it’ll biodegrade within a few months.

Although natural fabrics like hemp, cotton, and wool should theoretically be compostable, most of the globe’s mass-produced clothing includes non-organic stuff like industrial dyes and polyester threads. Not Freitag’s. Hemp, flax, wood fiber — even the shirt buttons are made out of nuts. The only non-compostable ingredients here are the metal buttons on the pants — but don’t panic! These can be unscrewed and reused, depending on your level of dedication.


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