Cellphone Separation Anxiety Is A Real Thing People!


You’re sitting at your desk trying to stay awake while your day drones on. You reach to check your phone… but it isn’t there. You panic, while frantically searching your pockets and reaching for your bag thoughts are racing through your mind: “did I leave it on the subway? Did I take it to the bathroom with me? Maybe it fell from my pocket somewhere…”

Oh wait, it was just on your desk.

That sneaky phone

Don’t feel bad, this kind of situation happens to people all the time. We live in an age of constant connectivity, where you have instant access to the answer of every question in the palm of your hand. Along with instant access to all of your contacts and personal information. In this age of instant information two things are apparent: one, people have very little patience these days and two, when you lose your phone it turns into an instant panic attack.

It turns out that feeling the anxiety of losing your phone is an actual phobia called nomophobia. Yes, it has gotten to the point where we had to name it a real phobia.

A survey of 2,000 Americans commissioned by a mobile security app maker called Lookout showed us just how attached to our phones we are. 60 percent of respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phones and 54 percent even check their phones while lying in bed. Going to church reduced that by quite a bit, but 9 percent still confessed to checking their phones during worship services. And of course there’s the percent of people who take their phones with them to the bathroom (probably all of us, I mean we can only read so many bottle labels).

Of those 2,000 people who were surveyed 73 percent of them feel panic when they lose their phone, and 7 percent even start to feel ill. Even more odd 6 percent of people actually feel relieved when they lose their phone. Weirdos. This just demonstrates how emotionally attached to our phones we are becoming. Pretty soon we’re going to have people trying to marry their phones.

If you want to check out another article on the subject click here.

What level of panic do you feel when you lose your phone?

Happy Discovery 


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