Robots Who Cook Your Dinner!


The future is here guys, there is now a robot that can be your own personal chef! But there’s one catch: it doesn’t know how to cook a thing. 


Well, not at first.

The researchers behind your little robot cook have provided the perfect way for it to learn the art of cooking, YouTube videos.

By watching cooking videos on YouTube, the robot cook slowly learns how to cook by using recognition technology. This technology allows it to differentiate between objects in the video like knifes and bowls. It also allows it to recognize what kind of grip the humans in the video have on the objects.

Of course humans can do so many things at the same time (chopping, moving, talking, whisking etc.) that learning from a human is rather confusing for our robot cook. So it uses its sensors and technology to make educated guesses on what it should be doing. At this time the robot only knows so many words and objects so sometimes it gets some things mixed up, but the tests so far show that it is quiet the aspiring chef.

Imagine it guys: you wake up and walk into your kitchen where your robot is already cooking you breakfast. Or you get home from a hard day and your little robot cook is happily waiting for you in the kitchen with a hot dinner ready to eat. You’ll have hot prepared meals without lifting a single finger or having to decide what you want every meal.

More realistically your probably going to be eating a lot of instant noodles after buying this bad boy.

If you guys had your own robot cook, what would be the first thing you’d have it cook? I would have my robot make me some fresh sushi! 

Happy Discovery!

If you want to check out the original post follow this link:

References: Preston, Elizabeth. “Robot Learns to Cook from YouTube Videos – Inkfish.”Inkfish. N.p., 16 Jan. 2015. Web. 21 Jan. 2015.


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